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Apprentice candidates dating

Apprentice candidates dating

Note—Such of the rules in this section as are not already extent shall apply from such dates as may be fixed by the railway administrations. The seniority of the staff already determined under the extant rules or orders of the respective railway administrations shall not be altered.

Seniority in initial recruitment grades—Unless specifically stated otherwise, the seniority among the incumbents of a post in a grade is governed by the date of appointment to the grade. The grant of pay higher than the initial pay should not, as a rule, confer on a railway servant seniority above those who are already appointed against regular posts.

In categories of posts partially filled by direct recruitment and partially by promotion, the criterion for determination of seniority should be the apprentice candidates dating of regular promotion after due process in the case of promotee and the date of joining the working post after due process in the case of direct apprentice candidates dating, subject to maintenance of inter-se-seniority of promotees and direct recruits among themselves.

When the dates of entry into a grade of promoted railway servants and direct recruits are the same they should be put in alternate positions, the promotees being senior to the direct recruits, maintaining inter-se-seniority of each group.

Candidates dating apprentice

Note— i In case the training period of a direct recruit is curtailed in the exigencies of service, the date of joining the working post in case of such a direct recruit shall be the date he would have normally come to a apprentice candidates dating post after completion of the prescribed period of training. Candidates selected for appointment at an earlier selection shall be senior to those selected later irrespective of the dates of posting except in the case covered by paragraph above.

Apprentice candidates dating

When confirmation follows a specified probationary period if any, without break, the date of appointment to the apprentice candidates dating is reckoned from the date of commencement of such probationary period.

When a probationary period is followed by an extended probationary period and confirmation follows such extension without break, the date of appointment to the grade or post, unless otherwise stated, should be reckoned from a date later than the commencement of the probationary period, to the extent of the extension of the go here period.

In cases where probationary period is not extended and staff are confirmed at the end of such apprentice candidates dating the date of appointment to the grade or post will be that on which the employee was sent to the training school for initial training or the date of joining the working post whichever is earlier.

Transfers on request from Railway employees working in such grades may be accepted provided they fulfil the educational qualifications laid down for direct recruitment to the post.

No such transfers should be allowed in the intermediates grades in which all the posts are filled entirely by promotion of staff from the apprentice candidates dating grade s and there is no element of direct recruitment.

Railway Board's letter NO. In the case of staff who are in grade higher than the grade of absorption at the time of medical de categorisation, total service in the equivalent and higher grade is to be taken into account.

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Railway servants who were officiating or temporary at the time of medical unfitness or would not have been confirmed in the meantime should be placed below the officiating or temporary employees as the case may be on the date of their re-employment. Such employees are to be treated as fresh entrants in the matter of their seniority, promotions etc.

Authority: Ministry of Railway's letter No. If those dates also coincide, then the dates of entry into each of the lower grades in click down to the lowest grade in the apprentice candidates dating of promotion shall determine seniority.

If these dates are also identical, then the relative date of birth shall determine seniority, the older person being the senior. This will not apply to departmental examinations prescribed in App.

Candidates who pass the examination in a particular year are ipso facto senior to those who qualify in subsequent years irrespective of their relative seniority before apprentice candidates dating the examination.

On receipt of the result of the above examination an appropriate Selection Board on each Railway Administration should https://inworldmeeting.pro/29p/y1421.php arrange to assign a suitable place to each such candidate in the panel based on their relative seniority. The staff placed on the panel in any year will rank enbloc senior to those empanelled in subsequent years.

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Authority: Railway Board's letter no. In case, however, a further chance is given, the question of his retaining his dating seniority will be considered on the merit of each case. Such cases should be referred to the Railway Board for apprentice candidates. This will, however, not give the junior railway servant any advantage not otherwise due to him and will not confer on him any right to continue in that post in preference to his senior who are found suitable.

Apprentice candidates dating

A railway servant, once promoted in his turn after being found suitable against a apprentice candidates dating, which is non-fortuitous, should be considered as apprentice candidates dating in that grade to all others who are subsequently promoted after being found suitable. The suitability of a railway servant for promotion should be judged on the date of the vacancy in the higher grade, or as close to it as possible.

Those who have either officiated in fortuitous vacancies or did not officiate at all will not be given any protection for seniority of subsequent promotion. When a post selection as well as non-selection is filled by considering staff of different seniority units, the total length of.

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