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Dating colonial flat buttons

Dating colonial flat buttons

Colonial finds Posting some pictures of a few of my finds from a colonial site I've been working in the hopes that someone could help identify a few of the finds.

Dating colonial flat buttons

First off I have nearly zero knowledge about buttons, so maybe a button guru could help out with those! Anything on the picture with a "?

Half of a button I just dug today, sort of silverish metal. Thick brass, thick rounded edge. Lead with a marking of A4.

Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine, Featured Online Article

Small, silverish face, "plated" on back. Doesnt look silver, looks almost like aluminum.

Over the weekend I found this flat button, which is just a tad over 3/4" diameter. Does anyone have an idea where to get resource information to. 's #Colonial Flat Buttons from Charleston West Ashley, SC area January 14, Standing Liberty Quarter (silver) Couldn't get the date off this one.

Lead, looks almost like it came off a shotgun shell, but lacks any identification as such. Wick holder from a lantern?

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The area this came from was said to have a mink farm. George II halfpence hibernia date cmpletely worn off.

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Lead mouthpiece from a recorder or a similar musical instrument. Ferrule from a cane dug today, wood still present inside.

Harmonica reed fragments. Some sort of fastener. This is obviously newer than the rest of the finds, and looks to have come off some type of machinery, no idea.

Finding Flat Buttons

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