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Dating body language academy

Dating body language academy

A solution for businesses and corporations to decode the unspoken. The postures tell us about confidence, interest and much more. Knowing the various gestures and postures will be a useful tool to read a person. Power Body Language Use of body language The power body language is a tool to take control of the situation beforehand by showing oneself as powerful and strong.

Learning the launch pose, stance etc. Para-linguistics How to use the voice It matters how you speak or use your voice.

The para-linguistics includes pitch, tone, timbre, cadence etc. Each one has its own importance.

Dating body language academy

Learn them to understand how the use of voice affects your personality. Kinesics Learning about body movements Knowing how to interpret the body movements can help you a lot.

You can't rely on the words people speak during a face to face conversation. The body communicates many messages, more authentic than the words spoken.

Haptics Learn about the science of touch The origin of the word haptics is the Greek word haptikos, meaning able to grasp or perceive. Learn the use of touch and the various gestures related to touch. Workshop A session focused on one of the topics that we cover.

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Training Skill building program to enhance the performance of your team. Personal Coaching Develop your personality through focused coaching. Ready to take your company to the next level?

Dating body language academy

Body Speaks Better offers workshop and training to help your team, your employees to perform better in a unique way. Nothing hurts more, if your time is wasted, be it in your professional life or personal.

Neil Strauss: Body Language of an Operner

Our training as well as workshop will help you save time, money and energy and would get you more paced up for the existing and future competition. Call us for customization or any special requirement. She is young but has the live experience and great intelligence.

At this young age,she has shown vibrant ability,skills and dating body language academy in the field of training and it was surprising to see her handling training sessions for the executives of Air India.

Her charming personality is just the tip of an ice berg. To know her more, you must hear her.

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Jagdish Kumar Ayyanar HR Manager, Air India "Kanan has this unique and subtle insight into smaller and finer details of human behaviour and body language. She is very straight forward by nature. An amazing lecturer who knows how to convey her knowledge and ideas to the audience in an interactive manner.

She knows how to elaborate each and every topic with the perfect example, which makes us more interested in the subject. She is full of energy in her session and is very friendly to each and every participant.

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