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How to use instagram for dating

How to use instagram for dating

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Watch this tutorial to learn everything you need to know to started using the app, including: 1. Downloading the app – through the Apple App Store or Google.

She has covered web trends for Lifewire and previously About. It brings photo sharing, social media, and mobile usability all together, which is why so many people love it. Instagram currently only works on these two mobile operating systems, with a version for Windows Phone also coming soon.

Only limited access to Instagram is available on the regular web and you need a compatible mobile device to actually use it.

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Download and install it on your device. Instagram will lead you through the steps to create your account. You can upload a profile photo and connect to your Facebook friends either now or later. Instagram also requires you to fill out your email, name and an optional phone number. Finally, Instagram will display a few popular users and thumbnail of photos as a way to suggest some to follow.

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There are five menu icons that let you browse through various parts of Instagram: home, explore, take a photo, activity, and your user profile. Home house icon : This is your own personal feed displaying all the photos of only the users you follow, plus your own. Explore star icon : This tab displays thumbnails of photos that have the highest interaction and serves as a good tool to find new users to follow.

User profile newspaper icon : This displays your user profile including your avatar, number of photos, number of followers, number of people you follow, location map photos and tagged photos.

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This is also the place where you can access and change any of your personal settings. There are two ways to do this: through the app or by accessing an existing photo from your cameraroll or other photo folders. You can flip between the back and front-facing camera using the icon located in the upper right corner. Using an existing photo: Access the camera tab and instead of snapping a photo, tap the picture right next to it.

How To Talk To & Meet Girls On Instagram

Filters balloon thumbnails : Shift through these to instantly transform the look of your photo. Focus droplet icon : You can use this to focus in on any object. It supports a round focus and linear focus, creating a blur how to use instagram for dating everything else in the photo. Pinch your fingers on the focused area to make it bigger or smaller, and drag it around the screen to have it sit wherever the object of focus is located.

Add a caption: This is where you can type anything you like to continue reading your photo. A tag will be added to the photo and your friend will be notified. Add to Photo Map: Instagram can geo-tag your photos to your very own how to use instagram for dating world map, displayed as thumbnails. Share: Finally, you can automatically post your Instagram photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr if you decide to allow Instagram to access any one of those accounts.

You can turn automatic posting off at any time by tapping any social networking icon so it is grey off instead of blue on. Your photo will be posted to Instagram. You can also double tap the actual photo to automatically like it.

Important to Remember

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Comment bubble icon : Tap this to type in a comment on a photo. You can add hashtags or tag another user by typing their username into the comment. Tap the search bar and enter the keyword, hashtag or username of your choice.

A list of recommendations will be displayed to you. This is especially useful for finding specific friends or for browsing through particular photos tailored to your interests.

How to use instagram for dating

Here are a few beginner tips for adding extra security to your Instagram account. You can change this so only followers that you approve first can see your photos by heading to your user profile tab, tapping Edit Your Profile and then turning the Photos are Private button on at the bottom. Delete a photo: On any of your own photos, you can select the icon that displays three dots in a row to delete it after posting it.

How to use instagram for dating

This does not guarantee that none of your followers already saw it in their Instagram feeds. Archive a photo: Ever post a picture that you later wished.

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