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Stardew valley dating

Stardew valley dating

As for age just because someone isn't perfect and has flaws that stardew valley dating fit someone who is very young doesn't bring them down has a character. Lol though really sometimes people are only seen as younger based on how they think, some spoilers I guess Haley is one of the most immature characters next to Jodi.

Haley whines a lot is naturally rude she spends more time complaining than anything even making her darkroom makes you wonder if their parents paid for it since she doesn't help.

Jodi has a lot of lines showing she's unhappy stardew valley dating her life though she's not confined and could go to the city to do something with her life since Sam will take care of her brother while she works. He even has a line where he notices she's unhappy but she's comfortable with her pity party.

Abby has her times but considering Caroline may have hooked up with the married dating ny and is trying a bit link hard to stifle her daughter it's not so surprising I mean not every twenty, thirty, or even forty and up have their bits together in life she has time.

Sam has youthful interests too most of them do but age doesn't stop you from enjoying things it doesn't mean anything except when seeing events and how they grow as characters which makes their faults far more charming in stardew valley dating cases. Just how I look at it.

Of course people should like what they want but I always see the same thing, they don't do such and such and still live at home so they aren't as good as this character it's common for every game. Harley really have a stardew valley dating of heart after her 8 hearts event, Alex looks imature at first, but after 6 hearts he say sorry for his behaviour and starts to show his feelings often, I think that Sam is a nice guy in general, no problem in not being extraordinary, since the most of us aren't.

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CAUGHT Dating The Entire Town! - Stardew Valley 1.3

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